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About Us

From a Family Tree of Woods and Woodworkers

Dan's maternal grandfather was a Wood (Parlee Leroy Wood to be specific).  His Mom was a Wood and his Uncle and many of his cousins (and Kim's) still are (but that's a story for another day).  His great-grandfather Captain Eugene Wood, a merchant sailor and woodworker, carved and crafted several ships in shadow boxes like the one above for each of his 4 children.  "Bertha" holds a place of honor at the center of our home as a reminder of our family's "wood-loving" roots.  

Messing About in Boats - Wooden Boats

Growing up on the coast of New England, Dan's fascination with both the water and wooden boats has had plenty of time and opportunity to grow and develop.  Employed as a mechanical engineer in his 20s, he "retired" early to the coast of Maine to sail aboard the schooner Summertime as mate, cook, and ship's carpenter.  Since then, he's turned to building wooden sailboats and a variety of other projects from houses and cabinets to bookcases, boxes and beyond.  Since settling down on-the-hard, he's had time to build a family and a woodshop right here in the heart of Barrington, NH. 

Growing a Family in the Woods of New Hampshire

Together, for the past 21 years, Dan and Kim have been building a life with three cool kids and a few free wheeling dogs, cats and chickens over the years all while managing to find time to begin a family business on the side...The Barrington Wood Shop.  While we've traveled the world together and most recently tried it with kids, we are firmly planted in our little village here on the Seacoast and enjoy the growing treasure we have in family and friends both near and far. 

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